Spitting Feathers Farmhouse Ale Thirst Quencher Special Ale Old Wavertonian
Inside the brewery
The beers

Farmhouse Ale (3.6%) Download Pump Clip
A golden session bitter. Traditional English malts and hops combine to make this a well balanced and satisfying beer.

Thirstquencher (3.9%) Download Pump Clip
A hoppy, pale bitter. Lots of late hop leads to a clean, crisp finish.

Special Ale (4.2%) Download Pump Clip
A malty, chestnut brown beer. The full malt taste balances well with hop bitterness and fruit flavours.

Old Wavertonian (4.4%) Download Pump Clip
A robust dark stout. Roast barley, chocolate and coffee flavours give a very full body and a smooth lingering finish.

Seasonal / Occasional Beers:

Work is ongoing into a honey ale based on a 1620 recipe for an ale made with honey and herbs, by Thomas Venner, from the north Marcher region along the Welsh border.

1862 (4.0%) Download Pump Clip
This straw coloured beer has a zesty, dry flavour and a fresh, hoppy aroma.The name 1862 is taken from the year in which the brewery buildings were built.
Available Feb/March

Dark Velvet Mild (4.0%) Download Pump Clip
A tasty, dark, mild ale. An easy drinking beer full of smooth, roasted and nutty flavours.
Available April/May

Solstice (4.1%) Download Pump Clip
A refreshing, amber beer with a good balance of malt and hop flavours and a slightly spicy finish. The perfect accompaniment to a long summer day.
Available June/July

Honey Trap (4.1%)
Download Pump Clip
A pale amber beer brewed using honey from the brewery's own on-site beehives to produce a distinctive mellow flavour and aroma.
Available August/September

Autumn Smoked Ale (4.5%)
Download Pump Clip
Brewed using barley that has been smoked over oak chippings, by the brewers, to produce a brown beer with a distinctive smokey flavour.
Available October/November

Christmas Crackers (5.8%)
Download Pump Clip
A rich ruby, strong ale. Full bodied and fruity with festive flavours of cinnamon and cloves and a smooth finish.
Available December

Blood, Sweat & Cheers (4.1%)
Download Pump Clip
Blood, Sweat & Cheers (4.1%) Brewed to accompany major sporting events. This is a satisfying, tawny coloured beer with generous flavours of malt and hops and a slightly spicy, bittersweet finish. A winner every time!
Available during major sporting tournaments

Devastation (7.5%) Download Pump Clip
A dark ruby old ale aged in the cask. Full of depth and character, this is a beer packing lots of fruity flavours, sweet malt, delicate hops and a pleasant bitterness into every drop.
Occasional Bottled Beer

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